List of Services


We have almost 20 years of experience working for major retaliers in Brazil. Our in-depth knowledge of Brazil is a huge advantage for you.

Through partnerships we can provide you solutions throughout the country.
Combining expertise and experience, we will select the best sites to present you by having in consideration many aspects such as: your goals, zoning, competition, demand, market potential, growth patterns, accessibility, visibility, real estate prices, etc.

SummmerRED is going to handle your needs through all the process, negotiating from initial proposals to final agreements.

If you need to expand your company, do not hesitate to contact us! Either needing to grow organicly or by acquisitions, acquiring the land or leasing it, we can help you!


SummerRED can be your strategic advisor in Brazil.
We can analyse your business drivers and occupancy needs, searching and presenting the most appropriate solutions.

We make development studies such as vocational and financial feasibility.
As we know the territory, we can assist you in many ways.

For instance, in searching a partner for acquiring and developing a potential site. Our network is strong.

Also we can help you conducting market tours. If you need extra informatiton about Brazil, call us.

Real Estate Development

We are working in partnership with another company developing strip and shopping centers in Brazil. If you are an investor, a developer seeking for partnership or need to expand.
Please contact us...